Last roast of the year

December 29, 2014

The textures of the roasterie impassion me!

That industrial smell first thing in the morning, the wafting of chaff from the chaff collector, the texture of burlap bags sliding agains the floor, green coffee seeds with their little sounds slipping into the funnel, I do a final sort through the green, my hands are deep in coffee, all of my senses enraptured.

The 1964 90 kilo Probat “chuga chugas” the last 75 lbs of the year, the exhaust fan whirling. In the distance a grinder whirls, too, the fresh coffee smell fills the warehouse, masking the smell of burlap and grain pro and cold cement with toasted sugar.

"Did I do that? Did I make the coffee smell like that?!"

I’ve chosen Requerdo Natural for Groundspeed this week. First crack comes just as I had planned, about 8.5-9 minutes. I dial down the heat, 383, 384, "pop, click, snap", a whiff of the tryer, the crackling seeds pop in my face. The wet citrus pop always startles me when I get so close, but it never actually hurts.

"I’m going to take this first batch to 420-ish in 12-13 minutes". 412, 414, eleven minutes, eleven minutes fifteen seconds …

"Okay, maybe I should have dialed the heat back a touch more, orrr, maybe not. It seems to be slowing substantially now." 419, stirring motor on, cooling fan on, wait for it, wait for it…

423 at 12:27.. almost exactly what I had planned for. “Yess.”

I brace myself against the roaster, pushing with my legs to pull open the 90 pound counter weight. The coffee spills forth, spinning and whirling, the smoke, like a ghost, whirls and disappears into the atmosphere, the exhaust fan whirling and the cooling motor whirling. I'm whirling!

"423.. that will give nice body on this one.."

Time to roast batch two of Requerdo Natural .. lighter this time, to blend and retain the citrus.
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