a little earthquake

January 12, 2015

The stainless hopper is filled half way with about 75 lbs of green coffee. 

I flip on the green loader and a fan picks up speed. The coffee techs raise their voices, continuing their chatter over the resounding "Whoooooo". 

The stainless hopper begins to vibrate and the coffee seeds shift and settle like unconsolidated land. I imagine a little earthquake in the hopper, as if little houses are succumbing to little green coffee mud slides. 

A marking on the elevator door indicates the proper degree of "openness" so that suction can take the green coffee up the curved elevator shaft to the charge hopper above. 

I push open door.  

The green seeds begin funneling like quicksand. The top layers of coffee fold in on themselves as the fan spins seeds up into elevator shaft. 

The resounding "Whoooooooo…" is accompanied by the "click clack" of green beans bouncing along the elevator, spinning and sliding in the hoppers, hovering in the air.  

I sort through the green as it lowers in the funnel, a final sort for cherry husks, debris, bag parts, what have you. 

Just then, Mark buries his hands in the green too, helping me sort. "Dang this coffee is clean." he says.