Early in the Morning

January 06, 2015

Early in the morning plums of smoke rise from the warehouse, casting dream-like cloud shadows on the trees behind the building. From my vantage points, it looks like a choo choo train.. chugging its way up a hill.
It is the first roast day of the year. Coffee orders ding the inbox waiting to be filled. It’s a frigid morning. The young coffee techs huddle together around the space heater.. worrying about the cold.
Before long the roasterie is warm and we are taking off our layers. Large bins of coffee roll across the floor. The steady “click-drop” of the weigh-and-fill rings out 12oz bags.
The smell wafts up at us like clove and black-currant, cedar, and more faintly, like honey.
    “Yep.” This is gonna be good.