bags on bags

February 03, 2015

On production days we open a lot of bags.

We open 12 oz bags with the arm of a bag opener. We open 5lbs bags with a deft flick of the wrist. We open green coffee bags with a pair of scissors. But we don't just open one kind of green coffee. We open green coffees from origins near and far.

More importantly, we open bags of differing plant varieties and processing methods, bags of someone else's hand sorting, someone else's sweat, maybe their tears. 

I open the Burundi bag. The zip ties on Burundi grain-pro bags are always a little worn and stiff, yellowing. I think of my friends working in that forgotten country. The zip tie snaps apart, breaking too easily. The grain-pro pops open.  

I am transported.

I shake my head over the bag, amazed. The smell is ripe and flowery, almost like butterscotch and vanilla wafers.  I dig my hands in. The seeds are smooth and slippery, clean, clean, clean. 

After I roast it, its going to be off the charts.